Dance Classes

Why Learn Kathak?

  1. Learning dance adds grace to your body language. A dancer looks more graceful than any other common person. It gives fitness to the body and increases the stamina. It makes you rich spiritually. While dancing you feel more close to the divine power, the god.
  2. An inward journey, learning about self-discipline, hard work and personal responsibility.
  3. Confidence building, inner security and self-esteem.
  4. Listening and awareness of others, team spirit, communication and social skills.
  5. Improved memory, linguistic, better coordination and reflexes (scientific research papers available).
  6. Focus, concentration, determination and self-motivation.
  7. Creation of Right Brain and Left Brain balance.
  8. Development of both logic and intuition.
  9. Problem solving and analytical abilities.
  10. A concept of beauty, respect and acceptance.
  11. A connection with Indian roots and an appreciation of other cultures.
  12. Individuals who want to maintain active lifestyle.
  13. Go and have some inner peace, build strong attitude and calmness.
  14. Learn coordination and adjustment
  15. Tell Stories through Kathak Dance.
  16. Stage fear……..gone!! Become audacious by performing at our professional shows.
  17. Emphasis on facial expressions, strong footwork and building grace.
  18. Learning classical dance for few years activates your creativity and you can choreograph any Music you hear.
  19. Perform like a pro and show the world your talent.
  20. Overall, parents can expect a happy fulfilled little person!!!!! It is important to note, that all of the points above transfer to day to day life, in other fields and activities and at school, at home, in their own private life, in the life ahead of them. Indian Classical dance and ‘traditional’ Indian culture has so much depth, that children born and brought up in the US may lose out on unless they have a medium like dance/music/language etc. to connect with it through. We have a chance here to plant a seed, for your child’s future. So they grow up with a strong sense of identity, cultural understanding and most of all an unshakable value system. Give a gift to your Child, which they will never forget.

Class Information:
Classes are structured on semester basis and follow the regular school calendar with the following major holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • July 4th
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving weekend
  • Christmas holidays & New Year’s Eve

Dress Code & Class Policies

Students are expected to dress appropriately for classes – Indian attire, Salwar Kurti or leggings and tunic top with dupatta are acceptable. Hair should be neatly tied back in a pony tail or braid.

Parents are kindly requested not to stay in the class during lessons as this is distracting to the students. Periodically parents will have opportunities to observe the class.


Curriculum:   Curriculum for Graduate Students

Prarambhika - Year I
Praveshika Pratham - Year II
Praveshika Purnah - Year III
Madhyama Pratham - Year IV
Madhyama Puranah - Year V
Visharad Pratham - Year VI
Rangmanch Visharad - Year VII
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