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See videos of basic footwork, single(barabar), double(duggoon), quadrupal(chauggoon) speed. Watch the video and follow along to practice. You should practice footwork daily. Rhythm and strong footwork is the essential foundation for any good kathak dancer.

Watch and follow along to practice your hand gestures (mudras) using the correct form. Pay attention to the correct placement of your hands and fingers. These gestures are part of the “alphabet” of Indian Classical dance. In the same way that you must be precise in your handwriting in order for it to be legible, your mudras should be equally precise and follow the correct form.

Hastak are combinations of hand movements and footwork. It’s important to maintain proper form and coordinate both footwork and hand movements to the beats of the tabla. Practice just footwork first and then combine hand movements and footwork.
Practice daily, regular practice is essential to making progress in learning any classical art form and Kathak is no exception.


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